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Dia and Sol by TheSonicGeek Dia and Sol :iconthesonicgeek:TheSonicGeek 3 0
Friends on the Other Side (Undertale Parody)
Welcome to your new home, little man.
Don't you worry, I'll be your guide.
You're in my world now, not your world.
But you got friends on the other side.
(You've got friends on the other side.)
There's a lot of scary monsters down here, but I'll help you take care of them.
I know some things, don't worry.
See this big goat lady? Though she may seem sweet...
If you relax and let your guard down here, it will be you that she eats.
See that sharp thing right there? You should take it in your hands.
I look deep in your determined soul-
a mighty fine soul if I may say-
you'll do anything you can.
They got magic, they got weapons, they got things they ain't even tried.
But you got friends on the other side.
(You've got friends on the other side.)
The bones, the bones, the bones will kill.
Unless, of course kid, you can show me your skill.
Tall one, tall one, just one swing.
Let these monsters know you're not afra-aid to sting.
Now there's one young kid who's not afraid to fight.
But when you
:iconthesonicgeek:TheSonicGeek 9 4
Flyers (Undertale Parody)
Whoa-oa-oa-oa-oa! Yeah-ah! Yea-ah-ah!
A-welcome to the stage, now that you're up here with me
I'll take your soul and go up there, then a brand new star they'll see
Unless of course you think that you can keep up with my moves
You've made it far but listen kid, you still need to work to entertain
(Boom, boom, boom, dancing through the skies)
I am monsters' number one! I'm standing in the limeli-i-ight!
(Boom, boom, boom, dancing through the skies)
Not too shabby, kid. Let the real fight begin.
Everybody put your hands up!
I'll be fly-i-in'! Take to the sky and soar!
Step out of the dark into the sun's glowing light.
All of the humans will come to love me.
Everybody put your hands up!
I'll be fly-i-in', all a-around the world.
I'll get roles and awards. My name will world renowned.
But darling, you're the one, whose soul I need to go.
Flyin' up to the heavens!
Flyin' out from the underground.
And soon I'll be the shining star I've always wante-ed!
:iconthesonicgeek:TheSonicGeek 2 0
Do It For Her (Undertale Parody)
Undyne: I do it for him. And I would do it again. I do it for her- that is to say- I do it for him.
You there, human, wandering 'round the marshes.
All we need now is just one more human soul.
And yet you seem, to be just a child.
I see your goofy smile, what are you planning?
Frisk: Planning? Nothing.
Undyne: Sure.
Frisk: I just want to go home.
Undyne: Right...
Frisk: Will you please be my friend?
Undyne: No way, dude! Not in a million years!
Frisk: I mean no harm.
Undyne: Even so, we need your human soul, kid.
Everybody's hearts beat in time as one, to reach this goal.
Break the barrier.
And take back what was taken.
For too long, monsters have been stuck down here.
Soon, Asgore will lead the way.
We will have a new golden age and monsters will finally rule.
Because I do it for her. That's why I'm taking you down. I do it for her - that is to say- I do it for them.
You, get back here! Aren't you sick of running?
No more stupid tricks, you will face me head on!
I can't lose here. Not
:iconthesonicgeek:TheSonicGeek 19 7
random creature by TheSonicGeek random creature :iconthesonicgeek:TheSonicGeek 1 1 Aria the Gardevoir by TheSonicGeek Aria the Gardevoir :iconthesonicgeek:TheSonicGeek 9 2
Clock Town song
The town full of friendly talk,
hearing the clock go tick and tock.
Such a lovely day and
I get to share with you.
Hustle and bustle of city streets,
feeling of grass upon our feet,
I know the day is complete
and what I feel is true.
Come, come and run with me.
Oh, my heart is filled with glee.
I know both of us can be free,
starting the day anew.
Come, come see the world with me.
Come along with to the sea.
Come and together we will flee.
Today's a day for two.
The clock is ticking
Start again
:iconthesonicgeek:TheSonicGeek 2 0
Type Writer and Firecracker by TheSonicGeek Type Writer and Firecracker :iconthesonicgeek:TheSonicGeek 1 0
Be My Prince (parody of Be Our Guest)
Shadow Yukiko:
Mademoiselle et Monsieur, it is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that I welcome you today.
And now I invite you to relax, let us bring out a servant as the castle proudly presents - your challenge.
Be. My. Prince.
Be my prince.
Nothing’s been right ever since
Little miss there with the short hair
That I was fine, she was convinced.
Now you’re here
Oh my dears
Hurry or she’ll disappear
You say you need
To see her freed
Can you make that a bit clearer?
Oh my gosh, how grizzly
Teddie’s puns all make me dizzy
Yosuke, focus, and get her while she’s busy.
Shadow Yukiko:
Go on and free your friend
Or it will be her end, oh
Be my prince
Oui, my prince
Be my prince.
Long ago
On that day
We met when I ran away.
Oh good gracious, you made faces
And took in my precious stray
I was alone
And was scared
But you came ‘round and you cared.
But when I felt the inn was trapping
Why, you simply stood by clapping
:iconthesonicgeek:TheSonicGeek 3 1
DanganRonpa and DanganRonpa 2 Shipping Meme by TheSonicGeek DanganRonpa and DanganRonpa 2 Shipping Meme :iconthesonicgeek:TheSonicGeek 2 0
Bum Reviews: Dragonball Evolution
And now it's time for Bum Reviews with Chester A. Bum...
Tonight's review: Dragonball Evolution

Sorry, couldn't say that with a straight face.
Kamehame- SPOILERS!
There's this kid named Goku...
Oh wait, that's the show.
There's this teenage kid named Goku...
Much better.
And he's the social outcast at his school even though he could kick all kinds of ass.
Are we sure this isn't Gohan?
And he has the hots for this girl named Chi-Chi!
Wait, isn't that supposed to be the other way around?
And then his grandpa gives him a Dragonball.
I'd make a testicle joke but that's beneath me. *rimshot*
So Goku goes to a party and is confronted by the bullies. And then he manages to make them beat each other up by dodging them!
And then this green guy named Piccolo shows up at Goku's house and he's like "Where is your Dragonball?"
And Goku's grandpa is like, "I will die before I tell you."
"Okay *punch*"
So he kills Goku's grand
:iconthesonicgeek:TheSonicGeek 2 2
Failure to Communicate: Chapter 5
“Beldum.” As I leave the lab, Twiggy back in his ball and Wes following closely, I go over the letter repeatedly. I don’t know why. It was pretty straightforward. Someone claiming to be from Hoenn apparently needs my help with something; I’m guessing whatever it is has to do with all this Team Smog stuff, and has sent me a Pokémon as proof as well as assistance. “Beldum.” When I left, I wasn’t prepared to have a steel type this soon. I’m going to need to pick up some polish and… Do Beldum eat? “Beldum.” Well, better safe than sorry.
“Come on, Wes. Let’s head to the store.”
“Beldum.” He replies, smiling… I think. How do you tell if something with one eye and no mouth is smiling? How is he even saying his name? Maybe the vibrations emanating from his body happen to hit our eardrums in a way that sounds like “Beldum.” I put my hand on Wes. “Beldum.” Nope. I
:iconthesonicgeek:TheSonicGeek 0 1
Bum Reviews: Persona 3 Spring of Birth
And now it's time for Bum Reviews with Chester A. Bum...
Tonight's review: Persona 3: Spring of Birth

*holds gun to his head* SPOILERSONA! *flash of white with gunshot that gets cut off*
There's this kid named Makoto and he's moving to this dorm.
But once he gets off the train he's immediately thrown into Silent Hill!
Or at least I think it's Silent Hill.
Everything turns green, there's blood everywhere, and everybody is sleeping in coffins.
Wait! That's not Silent Hill, it's just She-Hulk's time of the month.
So he gets to the dorm and this creepy magic kid in Tim Burton pajamas is like "sign this contract"
*imitates writing, saying nothing*
"Not very talkative, are you?"
"I have to act like a badass emo kid because of my hair."
"Good luck with that."
So a girl in a pink sweater walks in and is like "Who are you?!"
And then a hot redheaded chick comes in and goes "He's the new kid."
"Oh. Welcome. Let me show you to
:iconthesonicgeek:TheSonicGeek 9 1
Failure to Communicate: Chapter 4
My first battle with another trainer. The sun is setting, casting an orange glow over the beach. Cameron stands across from me with a confident smile on his face.
“So, how d’ ya’ll wanna do this?” Cameron asks.
“I’d prefer a quick battle. One Pokémon each.” I respond.
He tips his hat. “Fine by me.” He throws out a Pokéball. “Come on out, Charmander!”
A Charmander? Is he from the Kanto region? I’ll ask later. For now, who should I- “QUIL! CYNDAQUIL!” Cynder suddenly rushes in front, flames shooting out of her back.
“Well, well, it seems we have a volunteer.” Cameron says.
“I guess if she really wants to then, I choose you, Cynder!”
“CYNDAQUIL!” Cynder is really fired up for this battle…I know, that was a horrible pun. Anyway, Cameron gives the first command.
“CHAAAR!” Black smok
:iconthesonicgeek:TheSonicGeek 0 1
Failure to Communicate: Chapter 3
Aspertia City. A big place and the location of the Unova region’s first gym, which happens to double as the Trainers’ School. It has been a year since I graduated from the school; and I’m finally old enough to start my journey for real. Although my 15th birthday was last week, I’m still here because I still haven’t beat Cheren. Say what you will about him as a teacher, he’s no pushover as a Gym Leader. I remember one of the things he taught us was to use the different types to our advantage. One of my classmates once told me that you could find wild Riolu over by Floccesy Ranch. Therefore, that’s where I’m going. My name is Cyrus Kees.
Not going worry about supplies since it’s not THAT far to Floccesy Town, and I’ll be coming back anyway. Time to head out… Can’t help but notice I haven’t seen HER all day. I head out onto the road, taking in the fresh spring air. Today’s going to be a good-
:iconthesonicgeek:TheSonicGeek 0 1
Failure to Communicate: Chapter 2
Green. Green and blue. I love these colors. I love spring and summer. I love green grass, green leaves, blue skies, and blue water. I love the welcome heat of the sun pouring down on me. Spring is a new start for the world, and for me.
Around the time the Ijō began showing up, the league changed the rule for trainers to qualify. Now, one has to either be fifteen years old or have the written recommendation of a league certified professor to begin a journey proper. My fifteenth birthday was three days ago. Professor Rowan stopped by with three gifts: a Pokédex, a Pokémon of my choosing between Piplup, Turtwig, and Chimchar, and a Pokétch with a special function: phone capabilities. He asked me to keep that part secret from others for a while. I don’t know why he wants to keep it secret but he’s the professor so I’m sure he has his reasons.
I stand at the edge of Lake Verity taking in the mid-day scenery one more time. I won’t be coming b
:iconthesonicgeek:TheSonicGeek 1 1


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As production on Heartstrings continues, I'm hereby announcing a new project: a comic I'm calling "The Arrows of Time"
I'll handle writing the script but what I need above all is an artist willing to draw it. Must be able to draw in a very anime-esque style.
I'm fully willing to pay. Contact me with a sample of your work for more details.

Plot synopsis: A young woman, fresh out of college, works as a pianist in a bar. One night, she meets a man with the power to travel through space and time at will, and this chance meeting unlocks her own powers dwelling deep inside.

Edit: I need someone to do a few location drawings. Can pay.


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